Stock Quotes


Ok, you've opened that account, you've bought a few stocks, now you need to see how they're doing. Falls under the heading "If you don't know, you better ask" Most on line brokerage firms offer quotes, but we suggest you get a secondary stock information sources. Use the guide below to update yourself.


Lookit, why scramble around the web trying to find stock quotes? Why not let the quotes come to you? That's the idea behind DTLink. Their portfolio monitoring system is the best I've seen:

"Personal Stock Monitor Gold is a desktop companion for online investors. It pulls quotes and news headlines from popular financial web sites around the world, organizes them into convenient views, and displays them in a scrolling desktop ticker bar. When you're at your desk, minimize Personal Stock Monitor Gold's main window and let it work for you in the background. It will automatically inform you of events you're interested in based on rules you set, and it can even page you if you're away from your desk!"

Once purchased, you can download the program, select the stocks, choose a quote provider, and go. Forget the rest (although we've listed a few others.) Get this one. (Note: site was slow to load when we checked.) - Guide to sites offering free real time and delayed quotes.

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