Best Portals

We like portals. In fact, the last time we were on a cruise, a member of our party spent most of the time at a portal....

..oh..not that kind of portal....

The portals to which we now refer are a starting point for your journey on the web. They would like to be the first and last pages you see when you surf. Most provide information and have a number of features, like search engines, calendars, general news, free email, on-line stores, etc.

Here's our picks...

The granddaddy of financial portals. Excellent information, timely data, extensive listing of investment information web sites. Most corporate chieftains (CEO's, etc.) monitor this site. Chat boards for individual stocks, ties to the Motley Fool,, and others. Simply, the best.

We had dinner with Michael Bloomberg in, let's see, 1987. He was a charming dinner guest, but a sloppy eater. Well, things have changed since then. Now, he's gotta coupla billion, and we, for all of our impeccable table manners, do not.

He's also put together one of the best finance and investment sites on the web. The only problem is that to get to the real functionality of this site you have to subscribe. Hmmm, we wonder if this THIS is why he's Mayor of New York City and got a few billion dollars in the bank.

Not bad, Mike, not bad.

Others worth seeing:

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