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Think about it.

In ten years, you won't need a broker. Mutual funds, forgettaboutdit. You'll be able to have an on-line brokerage firm put together a portfolio, instantaneously, buy and sell it at once, and do so with little risk. (Except, of course, that you may be no good at picking stocks..) But, you'll need lots of information in order to do that.

To hasten the arrival of that day, we present our picks for the best investment information sites for minorities and women.

Domini Social Investments

Domini Investments is run by Amy Domini. Amy is the Maven, the Bella Donna, of social investing. As you would expect, her web site has lots of information on socially responsible investing (SRI). In fact, you'll note we stole...uh...borrowed some of it in our section on SRI. (In the interest of full disclosure, we note that Creative Investment Research has provided information on women and minority owned banks, for a fee, to Domini in the past.)

The section of their web site titled "Learning & Planning" provides "information on investment basics, saving for college, and retirement planning." Visitors to the site can learn about:

Below, performance information (from Yahoo) on the Domini Social Equity Fund (symbol: DSEFX)


According to the site, "The most complete directory of investing sites on the web, with more than 11,935 links in 149 categories, each with a brief description." Incredible!

The founder of the site Douglas Gerlach, is a former stock broker and all around good guy.

NOTE: As of 3/30/02, " has been acquired by ICLUBcentral, the market leader in investment club technologies. We are in the process of re-enabling access to select portions of Investorama, PLUS we're adding new resources."


Good Money is a site specializing in socially responsible investing. The site is a little slow to load and is a little too graphical for our tastes, but for socially responsible investing information, few sites are better.

Other sites: - Good data. Must pay to get the best info. - Nice site for novice investors. Slow. THE exchange. Not too diverse, though. Paid the former CEO over $100 million dollars. (He should have been paying them.) Slow site. Slow exchange. They just don't realize that you really don't really need an exchange these days. It's all done by computer, anyway. They need to get out of the office, go talk to some real poeple, like the folks at that other exchange, the.... The other exchange. Fast site. Nice ticker.

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