Best Investment News Sites

Best Investment News Sites for Women and Minorities

You gotta know what's going on, right. Well, the internet is the place to find out.

Good news sites are a real find. For active trading, you'll want one that will email you if there is information on a company in your portfolio. Few do that, but we'll go over.....


No special sections for women or minorities, just the fastest news going. Homepage is a little too busy, tho. Has a portfolio page that will alert you to news impacting your portfolio. Nice ticker, too.


Nice site, sponsored by Telescan. Nice ticker. No sections for women or minorities, either. No foreign language capabilities or sections, either.

Other sites: - Comprehensive. Period. -If you need to know what's going on in DC (at least on the surface), the place to go. - Diversity specific web site, with a lot of good basic business information. - Good site for general information and information on Black-owned companies.

William Michael Cunningham


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